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Panel Discussion: Leading with No Exceptions: How Will Military Women Do It?

Presentation of awards to the winners of the 2016 Naval History Essay Contest, followed by the Panel Discussion, Panel Discussion:

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Military essay contests

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asian art essay I find it fascinating that in China letters provide some of the earliest evidence of calligraphy being considered a visual art. As Bai Qianshen points out in a recent essay, the earliest extant personal letters in China date from the time of the First Emperor (221–210 BCE—be sure to visit our exhibition, coming in February). Early in the first century CE an emperor of the Han dynasty is said to have sent a special envoy to request ten letters from a famous calligrapher who was on the verge of dying. By the late fourth century, the famous calligrapher Wang Xianzhi (344–404) finished a letter he was sending to his emperor: “my calligraphy in this letter is quite good. Military? I wish it to be kept and solution, stored away.” Letters like his and many, many others serve as an military contests, example of two different functions of calligraphy: as writing and as a visual art. The content of most letters tends to be personal and siting, private; on the other hand, the calligraphy is intended for public consumption. Military Contests? By the Ming dynasty (1369–1644) treating letters as works of art was a well-established tradition. Special colored and decorated papers were designed specifically for solution them and letters were collected and bound together in large albums. An example of such a collection is on display in Lee Gallery. We can only military, show two pages each from two of the five albums in the collection, which features letters written by essay problem solution write a remarkable array of Ming dynasty scholars, court officials and calligraphers.

A discussion of these letters can be found in Xiao Yanyi’s essay in the exhibition catalogue (see pages 118-127). Xu Bing in front of his video installation #8216;Character of Characters#8217; Our book on Xu Bing’s fascinating animation The Character of essay Characters will be arriving in write the museum store soon. Featuring essays by Britta Erickson, a leading expert on Chinese contemporary art, and by the artist, as well as a version of the actual animation, its arrival will be something to keep on your radar. We have just finished translating Xu Bing’s essay, which makes clear the artist’s intellectual as well as artistic depth. It follows the order of the animation and military, makes many aspects much clearer; it is also full of delightful and sometimes challenging references to writings from the past.

An example is the simple sentence: “The stroke’s force should convey the aesthetic sensibility of ‘water stains caused by a short life tea rain on military the wall of a country cottage’.” If you’ve seen Out of Character already, that quotation may sound familiar. Included in the exhibition is a video of contemporary dance work Water Stains on the Wall , by Cloud Gate Dance Theater from write a short essay tea, Taiwan. The title of Cloud Gate’s work and Xu Bing’s reference both derive from a legendary conversation between two of the most respected Chinese calligraphers of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907): “Where do you get inspirations for military essay your calligraphic style?” asked Yan Zhenqing, whose signature style of standard script brought Chinese calligraphy to siting website, a new height. “I observe summer clouds that resemble mountains with spectacular peaks,” replied Huaisu, the young monk who later became the military essay contests most renowned master of wild cursive style. “The most exciting parts remind one of birds flying out of woods and write a short without, snakes slithering into bushes. . .#8221; “How about water stains on military essay contests the wall?” asked Yan Zhenqing. “Right on! You old devil!” exclaimed Huaisu. Water stains on a wall are the result of a long process of natural, organic, and essay problem, fluid evolution. The legend of the conversation established “water stains on essay contests the wall” as a popular metaphor that represents the highest aesthetics of essays Chinese calligraphy. Inspired by military essay contests this metaphor, choreographer Lin Hwai-min and the Cloud Gate dancers create an abstract work of siting apa essay spellbinding beauty and essay contests, breathtaking technique that stands sublimely on its own.

We’re thrilled that in Out of essay solution Character you can experience both of these contemporary works in the context of the artform that inspired them. And be looking for the publication on Xu Bing’s The Character of Characters at the museum store soon. Xu Bing: The Character of contests Characters, coming soon. Essays Fiction? One of Xu Bing#8217;s sketches for The Character of Characters. One of the most exciting things about Out of essay contests Character: Decoding Chinese Calligraphy is website apa essay without doubt the new work acclaimed Chinese artist Xu Bing is essay creating for essay write the exhibition. Xu Bing#8217;s work is an animation, but as it is being created right now there#8217;s not a whole lot more we can tell you about it yet. However, we did just receive some amazing stats from the artist. Each day 14 people (including Xu Bing) are working on the project.

They work 10 hours per day and have worked 35 days thus far; a total of 4900 person hours to date. Given that work will continue through September, they expect a further 5600 hours to be added to this number. Xu Bing has drawn approximately 50 drafts and more than 1000 hand drawn sketches. There could be thousands more sketches by the end of the military project. Given all of a short essay without that, we#8217;re expecting something extraordinary. Don#8217;t miss it. Chinese Calligraphy: Beneath the Surface.

Thousand Character Essay in Clerical Script, Wen Peng (1498-1573). China. Ink on paper. Essay Contests? Courtesy Guanyuan Shanzhuang Collection. 2012.2.028_01. Sometimes it seems like Chinese calligraphy is everywhere.

From David Beckham to Din Tai Fung to Hero , calligraphy has found its way into popular culture in the West. But calligraphy isn#8217;t just a design element to be used in decor and tattoos. And it#8217;s not just writing. Calligraphy is China#8217;s highest art form, and our next exhibition, Out of Character: Decoding Chinese Calligraphy , will show you why. We#8217;ll have plenty to share as we approach opening day on October 5, but we want to start by showing you a video we created a few years back.

Enjoy this taste of reviews and tantes what calligraphy has to offer; we hope it whets your appetite for more. Snuff bottle with dragons, Qing dynasty, approx. 1800-1900. Lunar New Year will be celebrated on Monday, January 23 this year. It is the Year of the Black Water Dragon, which many people believe will bring good fortune and military essay contests, prosperity. Dragons are considered good luck because they symbolize fertility and siting website, bring rain – given the weather we#8217;re experiencing in San Francisco today it looks like the dragon has arrived a little early. In Chinese tradition the dragon is an ancient symbol of rank and power and emperors wore dragons on their robes. Dragons with five claws represent the Emperor, and dragons with fewer claws represent other members of the royal family. We have a lot of Chinese dragons here at essay contests the museum, so we#8217;ve highlighted a few you can visit this weekend in essay write anticipation of the Year of the Dragon.

The snuff bottle above and the two pieces below are in our China galleries. This glorious rug is from Qing dynasty China, approx. 1700-1800. Detail from bottle with a dragon and a phoenix; Ming dynasty. There are more Chinese dragons to be found in the Loggia at the top of the grand staircase. Here#8217;s one you can look out for: Jar with dragons amid clouds, Ming dynasty. From the Avery Brundage collection. There are many more dragons, large and small, in the museum#8217;s collection. Essay Contests? Tell us about your favorite in rubric the comments! With humans, it always comes back to food.

We love our feast days, and most of contests our celebrations have some kind of dissertation on corporate governance special food associated with them. New Year is no exception. I celebrated new year recently with a friend for whom sour cream and cheddar chips are an contests, integral part of the topics governance evening. He also cooked us a Chinese roast duck; much closer to my ideal celebration. We spoke to a couple of Bay Area experts about two specialties that are close to us at the museum: Japanese mochi and essay contests, Buddha hands. Last weekend, we celebrated the new year here at the museum with mochitsuki (mochi pounding).

Local Japanese teacher Yoko Hara writes: I am from Tokyo, but I#8217;ve never seen mochitsuki there. We bought freshly made big square mochi (Tokyo style) and my father used to essay problem, cut it into small rectangular pieces. So mochitsuki by Kagamikai was a surprise and delight. We used to live pretty close to the old site of Asian Art Museum so when my children were still young, we used to enjoy the mochitsuki with Taiko drumming every year. Military Contests? Being a Japanese Teacher, I now spread the word about essay rubric, this lovely event to all my students and friends. Buddha#8217;s hand has become a common sight at Heart of the City Farmers#8217; Market, which takes place on Wednesdays and essay contests, Sundays right behind the essay problem solution museum.

Former curator Terese Bartholomew, now a board member of the San Francisco Botanical Garden, shares her knowledge of this funny-looking cousin of the essay lemon: One interesting citrus that has appeared in the farmers’ markets in recent years is the Buddha’s hand citron ( Citrus medica ‘Sarcodactylis’ ). This yellow citron with wavy tentacles takes its common name from the shape of its fruit, which resembles the idealized fingers of the Buddha. This fragrant fruit is used as an altar offering during Chinese New Year. The fruit runs completely to rind, and is not edible unless preserved with salt or sugar. Dissertation Topics Governance? Sliced into essay, pieces, the fruit can be prepared the same way as candied citron; dipped in chocolate, these make a most delicious snack. The Buddha#8217;s hand citron is essay without beloved by the Chinese because its name, foshou , puns with blessings and longevity.

Tell us what#8217;s on your Lunar New Year table – or share your recipes for Buddha#8217;s hands. Military? It is an awkward fact that great artworks are sometimes created amid deplorable circumstances. Next week the relevance essay rubric popular PBS program Antiques Roadshow will air a segment featuring a record-breaking appraisal of Chinese rhinoceros horn carvings (check their site for local scheduling). It is hard not to military essay contests, think of the dissertation on corporate governance current plight of the rhinoceros when viewing artworks made from rhino horns, or indeed of that of the elephant when viewing objects made of ivory. The rhinoceros was almost extinct in China by the time of the military contests Ming dynasty (1368–1644) due to hunting and habitat destruction. Apa Essay? On November 10, 2011, the western black rhinoceros was declared extinct by the International Union for military essay Conservation of Nature, and all rhino species are currently endangered.

So what are we to make of essay solution write rhino horn art? The rhinoceros was of special importance to the ancient Chinese, as the museum’s famous rhinoceros-shaped vessel, which probably dates from 1100–1050 BCE, attests. Rhinoceros horn was (and still is) valued for its medicinal properties, and considered an contests, antidote to poison. Often carved into cups, it became a prized medium of artistic expression, and Chinese artists created great works of art from it; the period of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was one of particular excellence. This example from the turn of the seventeenth century, which depicts an immortal paradise, closely follows the shape of the original rhinoceros horn. Critical Essay Reviews + Tios? More examples of rhino horn objects are on view in Gallery 17, on the second floor of the museum. By displaying these objects we hope to improve understanding of traditional Chinese art and to heighten awareness of the military essay current threat to an animal long esteemed in Chinese culture, and admired by people the world over. For information about rhino conservation visit the World Wildlife Fund. What do you think?

Use the comments to share your views on essay solution write antique art works that use materials from endangered species. UPDATED Chinese Calligraphy Meets Haute Couture. Thanks to all who participated in this little word game. Actually, you guys are right on the mark! The characters read: Take out the hairpin, See the reflection of the stream. Lie in bed with books around, Wake up to comb hair, half drunk. These lines are adapted from a Tang-dynasty poem by Yu Xuanji ??? (842-72) titled, #8220;Curing Yourself of Lovesickness#8221; ??. Contemporary art and military essay, high fashion have long been partners-in-crime. Browsing the September 2011 issue of Vogue , I was delighted to come upon write a short essay life tea contemporary artist Xu Bing ?? in one of the editorials! Xu is pictured here with a modeled Calvin Klein Collection shift, which, in military my opinion, is a perfect pairing of a master of line and form in fashion (Klein) with a master of line and critical, form in calligraphy (Xu).

In fact, we are hoping to have Xu participate in our upcoming Chinese calligraphy exhibition (so, fingers crossed!). Essay? Vogue Magazine (September 2011) In order to read a Chinese newspaper, around 4,000 characters must be committed to memory. According to one of my favorite professors who spent time in China during the Open Door policy of the siting website late 70s: #8220;Give yourself about a dozen years to get a good grasp of it.#8221; Chinese, for anyone who has studied it, is a highly complicated language that requires a reader to quickly glean from the root (or radical) some piece of contests meaning. Consider that every foreign concept that comes into China requires a new word. The word for computer, then, is not computer, but closer to #8220;electric brain.#8221; Try this link for a clearer breakdown of the process. If this seems like a strangely digressive introduction of artist Xu Bing, who will be speaking at critical fiction the Museum this Friday, maybe you don#8217;t know Xu#8217;s work. Culinary historian Cynthia Clampitt has made an interesting post about variations in Chinese food around the world.

An excerpt: #8220;The Chinese Exclusion Act might have slowed Chinese immigration into the United States, but it didn’t stop the Chinese from leaving China. Military Contests? They simply began to go everywhere else, including South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, and India.#8221; Read the whole post here. Welcome to relevance essay rubric, the blog of the contests Asian Art MuseumChong-Moon Lee Center for critical essays fiction Asian Art and Culture. Located in San Francisco's historic Civic Center, we are one of the world's largest museums devoted to Asian art and military essay contests, culture. For more information see the about tab or visit our main website by rubric clicking the image of our building. The opinions expressed on this blog, both by contests posters and commenters, are those of the writers and on science fiction, do not necessarily reflect the official views of the museum. See policies tab above. If you enjoyed your visit, please subscribe to contests, our RSS feeds. Original content, including all text and images, unless otherwise noted, is relevance essay rubric 2008 Asian Art Museum.

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George Orwell: ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ Newspeak was the official language of Oceania and had been devised to meet the military essay ideological needs of Ingsoc, or English Socialism. In the year 1984 there was not as yet anyone who used Newspeak as his sole means of communication, either in speech or writing. On Corporate Governance! The leading articles in the Times were written in it, but this was a tour de force which could only be carried out by essay contests, a specialist. It was expected that Newspeak would have finally superseded Oldspeak (or Standard English, as we should call it) by about the year 2050. Write! Meanwhile it gained ground steadily, all Party members tending to use Newspeak words and grammatical constructions more and more in their everyday speech. The version in military use in 1984, and embodied in the Ninth and Tenth Editions of the Newspeak Dictionary, was a provisional one, and contained many superfluous words and archaic formations which were due to be suppressed later. It is with the final, perfected version, as embodied in apa essay the Eleventh Edition of the Dictionary, that we are concerned here. The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and military essay contests, mental habits proper to the devotees of Ingsoc, but to make all other modes of thought impossible. It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for problem solution all and military contests, Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought — that is, a thought diverging from the siting apa essay principles of Ingsoc — should be literally unthinkable, at least so far as thought is dependent on words.

Its vocabulary was so constructed as to give exact and essay, often very subtle expression to every meaning that a Party member could properly wish to express, while excluding all other meanings and also the possibility of topics on corporate governance, arriving at military contests them by essay, indirect methods. This was done partly by the invention of new words, but chiefly by eliminating undesirable words and by stripping such words as remained of unorthodox meanings, and so far as possible of all secondary meanings whatever. To give a single example. The word free still existed in Newspeak, but it could only be used in military essay such statements as ‘This dog is website apa essay free from lice’ or ‘This field is free from weeds’. It could not be used in its old sense of ‘politically free’ or ‘intellectually free’ since political and intellectual freedom no longer existed even as concepts, and were therefore of necessity nameless. Quite apart from the suppression of definitely heretical words, reduction of vocabulary was regarded as an end in itself, and no word that could be dispensed with was allowed to survive. Newspeak was designed not to extend but to diminish the range of thought, and military, this purpose was indirectly assisted by siting website apa essay, cutting the choice of military contests, words down to a minimum. Newspeak was founded on the English language as we now know it, though many Newspeak sentences, even when not containing newly-created words, would be barely intelligible to an English-speaker of our own day. Newspeak words were divided into reviews three distinct classes, known as the A vocabulary, the B vocabulary (also called compound words), and the C vocabulary.

It will be simpler to discuss each class separately, but the grammatical peculiarities of the language can be dealt with in the section devoted to the A vocabulary, since the same rules held good for all three categories. The A vocabulary. The A vocabulary consisted of the words needed for the business of everyday life — for such things as eating, drinking, working, putting on one's clothes, going up and contests, down stairs, riding in vehicles, gardening, cooking, and the like. It was composed almost entirely of a short essay tea, words that we already possess words like hit , run , dog , tree , sugar , house , field — but in comparison with the contests present-day English vocabulary their number was extremely small, while their meanings were far more rigidly defined. All ambiguities and shades of meaning had been purged out of them. Write! So far as it could be achieved, a Newspeak word of essay, this class was simply a staccato sound expressing one clearly understood concept.

It would have been quite impossible to use the A vocabulary for literary purposes or for political or philosophical discussion. It was intended only to express simple, purposive thoughts, usually involving concrete objects or physical actions. The grammar of Newspeak had two outstanding peculiarities. The first of these was an almost complete interchangeability between different parts of speech. Any word in the language (in principle this applied even to very abstract words such as if or when ) could be used either as verb, noun, adjective, or adverb. Between the essay without verb and the noun form, when they were of the military essay contests same root, there was never any variation, this rule of itself involving the essay solution destruction of many archaic forms. The word thought , for example, did not exist in Newspeak.

Its place was taken by think , which did duty for both noun and verb. Military Contests! No etymological principle was followed here: in some cases it was the original noun that was chosen for retention, in governance other cases the essay contests verb. Even where a noun and on corporate governance, verb of kindred meaning were not etymologically connected, one or other of them was frequently suppressed. Essay Contests! There was, for example, no such word as cut , its meaning being sufficiently covered by website, the noun-verb knife . Adjectives were formed by adding the essay suffix - ful to the noun-verb, and adverbs by adding - wise . Thus for example, speedful meant ‘rapid’ and speedwise meant ‘quickly’. Essay Rubric! Certain of military contests, our present-day adjectives, such as good , strong , big , black , soft , were retained, but their total number was very small. There was little need for essay problem solution write them, since almost any adjectival meaning could be arrived at by adding - ful to military a noun-verb. None of the now-existing adverbs was retained, except for relevance essay rubric a very few already ending in - wise : the - wise termination was invariable. Essay! The word well , for solution write example, was replaced by goodwise . In addition, any word — this again applied in principle to every word in military essay contests the language — could be negatived by adding the affix un -, or could be strengthened by the affix plus -, or, for still greater emphasis, doubleplus -. Thus, for essays fiction example, uncold meant ‘warm’, while pluscold and doublepluscold meant, respectively, ‘very cold’ and ‘superlatively cold’. It was also possible, as in military contests present-day English, to essay problem solution write modify the meaning of almost any word by military contests, prepositional affixes such as ante -, post -, up -, down -, etc. By such methods it was found possible to bring about an enormous diminution of vocabulary. Given, for instance, the word good , there was no need for such a word as bad , since the required meaning was equally well — indeed, better — expressed by essay write, ungood . All that was necessary, in any case where two words formed a natural pair of opposites, was to decide which of them to suppress.

Dark , for example, could be replaced by unlight , or light by undark , according to military essay preference. The second distinguishing mark of apa essay, Newspeak grammar was its regularity. Military Essay Contests! Subject to a few exceptions which are mentioned below all inflexions followed the same rules. Essay Without! Thus, in essay all verbs the preterite and the past participle were the siting website same and contests, ended in - ed . The preterite of dissertation topics governance, steal was stealed , the preterite of think was thinked , and so on throughout the essay language, all such forms as swam , gave , brought , spoke , taken , etc., being abolished. All plurals were made by adding - s or - es as the case might be. The plurals of man , ox , life , were mans , oxes , lifes . Comparison of adjectives was invariably made by relevance rubric, adding - er , - est ( good , gooder , goodest ), irregular forms and the more , most formation being suppressed. The only classes of words that were still allowed to inflect irregularly were the essay pronouns, the relatives, the demonstrative adjectives, and essays on science fiction, the auxiliary verbs. All of these followed their ancient usage, except that whom had been scrapped as unnecessary, and the shall , should tenses had been dropped, all their uses being covered by will and would . There were also certain irregularities in word-formation arising out of the need for rapid and easy speech. Military Essay! A word which was difficult to utter, or was liable to relevance essay rubric be incorrectly heard, was held to be ipso facto a bad word: occasionally therefore, for the sake of euphony, extra letters were inserted into military a word or an archaic formation was retained. But this need made itself felt chiefly in connexion with the B vocabulary. Why so great an importance was attached to ease of pronunciation will be made clear later in apa essay this essay.

The B vocabulary. The B vocabulary consisted of words which had been deliberately constructed for political purposes: words, that is to say, which not only contests, had in every case a political implication, but were intended to impose a desirable mental attitude upon the person using them. Without a full understanding of the principles of Ingsoc it was difficult to problem write use these words correctly. In some cases they could be translated into Oldspeak, or even into words taken from the A vocabulary, but this usually demanded a long paraphrase and essay, always involved the loss of certain overtones. The B words were a sort of verbal shorthand, often packing whole ranges of ideas into a few syllables, and at the same time more accurate and forcible than ordinary language. The B words were in dissertation topics all cases compound words (2) . Essay! They consisted of two or more words, or portions of words, welded together in write a short an easily pronounceable form. The resulting amalgam was always a noun-verb, and inflected according to the ordinary rules. Essay! To take a single example: the word goodthink , meaning, very roughly, ‘orthodoxy’, or, if one chose to regard it as a verb, ‘to think in an orthodox manner’. This inflected as follows: noun-verb, goodthink ; past tense and past participle, goodthinked ; present participle, goodthinking ; adjective, goodthinkful ; adverb, goodthinkwise ; verbal noun, goodthinker . The B words were not constructed on any etymological plan. The words of critical on science fiction, which they were made up could be any parts of speech, and could be placed in any order and mutilated in military essay contests any way which made them easy to pronounce while indicating their derivation. In the word crimethink (thoughtcrime), for instance, the think came second, whereas in thinkpol (Thought Police) it came first, and in the latter word police had lost its second syllable.

Because of the great difficulty in securing euphony, irregular formations were commoner in the B vocabulary than in write essay life tea the A vocabulary. For example, the adjective forms of Minitrue , Minipax , and Miniluv were, respectively, Minitruthful , Minipeaceful , and Minilovely , simply because - trueful , - paxful , and military essay contests, - loveful were sliightly awkward to pronounce. In principle, however, all B words could inflect, and all inflected in exactly the same way. Some of the B words had highly subtilized meanings, barely intelligible to anyone who had not mastered the language as a whole. Consider, for example, such a typical sentence from a Times leading article as Oldthinkers unbellyfeel Ingsoc . The shortest rendering that one could make of this in dissertation topics on corporate Oldspeak would be: ‘Those whose ideas were formed before the military Revolution cannot have a full emotional understanding of the topics governance principles of English Socialism.’ But this is not an adequate translation. To begin with, in order to grasp the full meaning of the Newspeak sentence quoted above, one would have to contests have a clear idea of what is meant by Ingsoc . And in addition, only a person thoroughly grounded in Ingsoc could appreciate the website apa essay full force of the word bellyfeel , which implied a blind, enthusiastic acceptance difficult to imagine today; or of the word oldthink , which was inextricably mixed up with the idea of wickedness and decadence. Military! But the special function of certain Newspeak words, of which oldthink was one, was not so much to express meanings as to destroy them. These words, necessarily few in number, had had their meanings extended until they contained within themselves whole batteries of words which, as they were sufficiently covered by a single comprehensive term, could now be scrapped and forgotten.

The greatest difficulty facing the compilers of the Newspeak Dictionary was not to invent new words, but, having invented them, to make sure what they meant: to make sure, that is to say, what ranges of siting website apa essay, words they cancelled by their existence. As we have already seen in the case of the word free , words which had once borne a heretical meaning were sometimes retained for the sake of convenience, but only with the undesirable meanings purged out of them. Military Contests! Countless other words such as honour , justice , morality , internationalism , democracy , science , and essays on science fiction, religion had simply ceased to exist. Essay Contests! A few blanket words covered them, and, in covering them, abolished them. All words grouping themselves round the concepts of liberty and equality, for instance, were contained in the single word crimethink , while all words grouping themselves round the concepts of objectivity and rationalism were contained in the single word oldthink . Greater precision would have been dangerous.

What was required in a Party member was an outlook similar to that of the ancient Hebrew who knew, without knowing much else, that all nations other than his own worshipped ‘false gods’. He did not need to know that these gods were called Baal, Osiris, Moloch, Ashtaroth, and the like: probably the less he knew about short and tantes them the better for his orthodoxy. He knew Jehovah and the commandments of Jehovah: he knew, therefore, that all gods with other names or other attributes were false gods. Essay! In somewhat the same way, the party member knew what constituted right conduct, and in exceedingly vague, generalized terms he knew what kinds of departure from it were possible. His sexual life, for example, was entirely regulated by the two Newspeak words sexcrime (sexual immorality) and goodsex (chastity). Sexcrime covered all sexual misdeeds whatever. It covered fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and other perversions, and, in addition, normal intercourse practised for its own sake. There was no need to enumerate them separately, since they were all equally culpable, and, in principle, all punishable by topics, death. In the C vocabulary, which consisted of military essay, scientific and technical words, it might be necessary to give specialized names to certain sexual aberrations, but the a short essay life without ordinary citizen had no need of them.

He knew what was meant by goodsex — that is to say, normal intercourse between man and essay contests, wife, for the sole purpose of relevance essay, begetting children, and without physical pleasure on the part of the woman: all else was sexcrime . In Newspeak it was seldom possible to essay contests follow a heretical thought further than the perception that it was heretical: beyond that point the necessary words were nonexistent. No word in the B vocabulary was ideologically neutral. A great many were euphemisms. Such words, for instance, as joycamp (forced-labour camp) or Minipax (Ministry of Peace, i.e. Ministry of relevance rubric, War) meant almost the exact opposite essay contests, of what they appeared to mean. Without Tea! Some words, on the other hand, displayed a frank and military, contemptuous understanding of the real nature of Oceanic society. An example was prolefeed , meaning the rubbishy entertainment and spurious news which the Party handed out to the masses. Other words, again, were ambivalent, having the connotation ‘good’ when applied to the Party and ‘bad’ when applied to its enemies.

But in addition there were great numbers of words which at first sight appeared to be mere abbreviations and which derived their ideological colour not from their meaning, but from their structure. So far as it could be contrived, everything that had or might have political significance of any kind was fitted into governance the B vocabulary. The name of every organization, or body of people, or doctrine, or country, or institution, or public building, was invariably cut down into the familiar shape; that is, a single easily pronounced word with the smallest number of military contests, syllables that would preserve the essay original derivation. Military Essay Contests! In the Ministry of Truth, for example, the Records Department, in which Winston Smith worked, was called Recdep , the Fiction Department was called Ficdep , the Teleprogrammes Department was called Teledep , and so on. This was not done solely with the object of saving time. Even in the early decades of the twentieth century, telescoped words and fiction, phrases had been one of the characteristic features of political language; and it had been noticed that the tendency to use abbreviations of this kind was most marked in totalitarian countries and totalitarian organizations. Examples were such words as Nazi , Gestapo , Comintern , Inprecorr , Agitprop . In the beginning the practice had been adopted as it were instinctively, but in Newspeak it was used with a conscious purpose. Military Essay Contests! It was perceived that in thus abbreviating a name one narrowed and subtly altered its meaning, by cutting out on science, most of the associations that would otherwise cling to military contests it.

The words Communist International , for essay problem solution instance, call up a composite picture of universal human brotherhood, red flags, barricades, Karl Marx, and the Paris Commune. Military Essay Contests! The word Comintern , on the other hand, suggests merely a tightly-knit organization and a well-defined body of siting apa essay, doctrine. It refers to something almost as easily recognized, and as limited in purpose, as a chair or a table. Comintern is a word that can be uttered almost without taking thought, whereas Communist International is a phrase over which one is military essay contests obliged to linger at least momentarily. In the critical same way, the associations called up by a word like Minitrue are fewer and more controllable than those called up by Ministry of military essay contests, Truth . Relevance Essay! This accounted not only for the habit of essay, abbreviating whenever possible, but also for rubric the almost exaggerated care that was taken to make every word easily pronounceable. In Newspeak, euphony outweighed every consideration other than exactitude of meaning. Regularity of grammar was always sacrificed to it when it seemed necessary. And rightly so, since what was required, above all for political purposes, was short clipped words of unmistakable meaning which could be uttered rapidly and which roused the minimum of echoes in the speaker's mind. The words of the B vocabulary even gained in force from the fact that nearly all of them were very much alike.

Almost invariably these words — goodthink , Minipax , prolefeed , sexcrime , joycamp , Ingsoc , bellyfeel , thinkpol , and countless others — were words of two or three syllables, with the stress distributed equally between the first syllable and the last. The use of them encouraged a gabbling style of military contests, speech, at once staccato and monotonous. And this was exactly what was aimed at. The intention was to make speech, and especially speech on any subject not ideologically neutral, as nearly as possible independent of a short essay, consciousness. For the purposes of everyday life it was no doubt necessary, or sometimes necessary, to reflect before speaking, but a Party member called upon to make a political or ethical judgement should be able to spray forth the military correct opinions as automatically as a machine gun spraying forth bullets. His training fitted him to do this, the language gave him an almost foolproof instrument, and the texture of the dissertation topics governance words, with their harsh sound and a certain wilful ugliness which was in accord with the spirit of Ingsoc, assisted the process still further. So did the fact of having very few words to choose from. Relative to our own, the military essay Newspeak vocabulary was tiny, and new ways of reducing it were constantly being devised.

Newspeak, indeed, differed from most all other languages in that its vocabulary grew smaller instead of larger every year. Each reduction was a gain, since the smaller the area of choice, the on corporate governance smaller the temptation to take thought. Ultimately it was hoped to make articulate speech issue from the larynx without involving the higher brain centres at all. This aim was frankly admitted in the Newspeak word duckspeak , meaning ‘to quack like a duck’. Like various other words in the B vocabulary, duckspeak was ambivalent in meaning. Provided that the opinions which were quacked out were orthodox ones, it implied nothing but praise, and when the Times referred to one of the orators of the Party as a doubleplusgood duckspeaker it was paying a warm and valued compliment. The C vocabulary.

The C vocabulary was supplementary to the others and consisted entirely of scientific and technical terms. These resembled the scientific terms in use today, and were constructed from the same roots, but the usual care was taken to define them rigidly and military, strip them of undesirable meanings. They followed the same grammatical rules as the words in the other two vocabularies. Very few of the essay C words had any currency either in everyday speech or in political speech. Any scientific worker or technician could find all the words he needed in the list devoted to his own speciality, but he seldom had more than a smattering of the words occurring in essay the other lists. Only a very few words were common to all lists, and there was no vocabulary expressing the function of Science as a habit of mind, or a method of rubric, thought, irrespective of its particular branches. There was, indeed, no word for essay ‘Science’, any meaning that it could possibly bear being already sufficiently covered by the word Ingsoc . From the foregoing account it will be seen that in Newspeak the expression of unorthodox opinions, above a very low level, was well-nigh impossible. It was of write a short essay, course possible to utter heresies of a very crude kind, a species of blasphemy.

It would have been possible, for example, to essay contests say Big Brother is siting website apa essay ungood . But this statement, which to an orthodox ear merely conveyed a self-evident absurdity, could not have been sustained by reasoned argument, because the military essay necessary words were not available. Ideas inimical to Ingsoc could only be entertained in a vague wordless form, and could only be named in dissertation topics on corporate very broad terms which lumped together and condemned whole groups of military essay contests, heresies without defining them in doing so. One could, in critical short essay + tios fact, only military contests, use Newspeak for unorthodox purposes by illegitimately translating some of the relevance essay rubric words back into Oldspeak. For example, All mans are equal was a possible Newspeak sentence, but only in contests the same sense in which All men are redhaired is a possible Oldspeak sentence. It did not contain a grammatical error, but it expressed a palpable untruth — i.e. Problem Solution Write! that all men are of equal size, weight, or strength. The concept of essay contests, political equality no longer existed, and this secondary meaning had accordingly been purged out a short without tea, of the essay contests word equal . In 1984, when Oldspeak was still the normal means of communication, the essays danger theoretically existed that in using Newspeak words one might remember their original meanings. In practice it was not difficult for any person well grounded in doublethink to essay avoid doing this, but within a couple of generations even the critical reviews + tios possibility of essay, such a lapse would have vaished. A person growing up with Newspeak as his sole language would no more know that equal had once had the fiction secondary meaning of military contests, ‘politically equal’, or that free had once meant ‘intellectually free’, than for without instance, a person who had never heard of chess would be aware of the secondary meanings attaching to essay queen and rook . There would be many crimes and errors which it would be beyond his power to on corporate commit, simply because they were nameless and therefore unimaginable. And it was to be foreseen that with the passage of time the distinguishing characteristics of Newspeak would become more and more pronounced — its words growing fewer and fewer, their meanings more and more rigid, and contests, the chance of putting them to improper uses always diminishing. When Oldspeak had been once and for all superseded, the essay rubric last link with the past would have been severed.

History had already been rewritten, but fragments of the literature of the past survived here and there, imperfectly censored, and military essay, so long as one retained one's knowledge of Oldspeak it was possible to read them. In the future such fragments, even if they chanced to survive, would be unintelligible and untranslatable. It was impossible to essays fiction translate any passage of Oldspeak into Newspeak unless it either referred to some technical process or some very simple everyday action, or was already orthodox ( goodthinkful would be the Newspeak expression) in tendency. Military Essay! In practice this meant that no book written before approximately 1960 could be translated as a whole. Essay Rubric! Pre-revolutionary literature could only be subjected to ideological translation — that is, alteration in sense as well as language. Take for example the well-known passage from the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of essay, happiness. Critical On Science Fiction! That to essay contests secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of those ends, it is the right of the People to critical alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government. It would have been quite impossible to render this into Newspeak while keeping to the sense of the original. The nearest one could come to doing so would be to swallow the whole passage up in the single word crimethink . A full translation could only be an ideological translation, whereby Jefferson's words would be changed into a panegyric on absolute government.

A good deal of the military essay literature of the past was, indeed, already being transformed in write a short essay life without tea this way. Considerations of military essay contests, prestige made it desirable to preserve the memory of certain historical figures, while at the same time bringing their achievements into critical essays on science fiction line with the military philosophy of Ingsoc. Various writers, such as Shakespeare, Milton, Swift, Byron, Dickens, and some others were therefore in process of translation: when the critical short + tios task had been completed, their original writings, with all else that survived of the contests literature of the past, would be destroyed. These translations were a slow and difficult business, and it was not expected that they would be finished before the essay problem solution write first or second decade of the twenty-first century. There were also large quantities of merely utilitarian literature — indispensable technical manuals, and the like — that had to essay be treated in the same way. Siting Website! It was chiefly in order to allow time for the preliminary work of translation that the final adoption of Newspeak had been fixed for so late a date as 2050. GEORGE ORWELL: ‘NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR’; A NOVEL.

First published by Secker and Warburg, London in 1949.

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america essay topics When writing an contests essay, the first problem you might face is deciding on what topic to choose, which is essay, pretty ironic if you’re writing a problem-solution essay. The way out of that dilemma is to choose an issue that you’re really passionate about. You should also select a problem that has a viable solution–something with actionable measures that readers can take. If you’re still stumped for ideas, then take heart. In this blog post, I offer 20 problem-solution essay topics to help you get started. Each topic will include links to sample essays to give you more ideas.

In each example, I present specific problems broken down by the issues of military essay contests today (political, social, environmental, etc.) and ask questions that will help you consider different ideas on how they might be solved. Each problem-solution topic I present offers broad possibilities, so you’ll have to essay without do the important work of military essay hunting down the apa essay facts and examples to military contests provide specific solutions. Ready? Let’s get started! Problem-Solution Essay Topics – Social Problems. Proposing solutions to social problems might seem challenging, especially when the essays on science issues seem so entrenched. Yet, the point of military contests a good problem-solution essay is to a short tea suggest solutions that are actionable–something that your readers can do. Addressing specific problems will lead to essay specific, well-articulated solutions and to the most interesting and compelling essays. On Corporate Governance! Following are five problem-solution essay topics that touch on social problems.

1. Military Essay Contests! Problem – Undocumented Immigration. Solution #1: Should the U.S. Apa Essay! government step up its deportation of undocumented immigrants, or should it offer asylum for those currently living in essay contests, the country? Solution #2 : How should the government address trade policies that affect the economies of governance South American countries and military essay contests, lead to immigration? Solution #3: Will ending the War on essays fiction Drugs provide some relief to military contests the rise of undocumented immigrants arriving in relevance essay, the United States? Should there be more coordination between the U.S. and Central American countries in military, how they deal with drug policies, and essay, if so, in military, what ways? 2. Problem – Sexual Assaults on relevance rubric College Campuses. Solution #1: What steps should universities take to prevent sexual assaults on essay contests campus?

Solution #2: Should colleges provide safe places for victims to report rapes, and essays on science, if so, how? What responsibilities should the administration have in protecting victim’s identities once they’ve reported the crime? Solution #3: In what ways should students be educated about rape culture and what responsibility should colleges have in providing that education? Solution #4: Should student social services address rape culture? Should fraternities and sororities be more involved in military contests, educating students on essay rape culture? In what ways? Solution #1: What role should mental health providers play in military contests, determining prevention? What policies or programs should be enacted that will provide greater care for people suffering from relevance rubric mental health issues? Solution #2: Should violence in essay contests, the entertainment and gaming industry be addressed for essay problem write, a possible influence? How about the military news media? If so, how?

Solution #3: What kind of gun control laws should be enacted? What role should gun manufacturers have? Should technology be used to decrease mass shootings? If so, in essay, what ways can it be used? Solution #1: What are the military contests possible ways in which communities can force local governments and police departments to problem address police brutality? Solution #2: What role should voting play? Should communities have a say in military, who heads the police department? What other ways should communities be able to review how local law enforcement polices communities? Solution #3: In what ways should the police department address cultural attitudes among officers about the people they police? Solution #4: What role does militarization in police departments play in police brutality? Should the solution write federal government supply local police departments with military weaponry?

If not, should there be a law against contests it? How should such a law be shaped? Solution #1: What obstacles prevent people from getting help? Are there ways in which those obstacles can be addressed? What about social pressure, such as shaming? Should the public be educated about suicide, and if so, how? Solution #2: What roles should schools, colleges, police, social welfare, or other institutions play in problem solution, recognizing those who are at risk and how would they go about doing that? Solution #3: Should there be more therapy programs that are accessible for people? What about mental health programs for people who can’t afford them? In what ways should they be made available as well? Example Problem-Solution Essays – Social Issues.

Problem-Solution Essay Topics – Economics. Military Essay Contests! Everyone is relevance essay, affected by military essay the economy in one way or another. Either directly through personal debts, indirectly through the loss of dissertation topics on corporate governance tax revenues that provide services for everyone, or through an uncertain job market. A problem-solution essay that addresses economic problems are compelling precisely because everyone is eager for answers–especially college graduates. Following are six problem-solution essay topics that touch on economics. Solution #1 : What policies should the government enact that will help eliminate or lessen the military essay burden for students once they graduate? Should there be greater consumer protections for students against predatory banking and essay without tea, credit loan institutions?

Solution #2 : Should universities and contests, colleges bear a greater responsibility in protecting students from siting website apa essay prohibitive debts? If so, how? Solution #3 : Should state universities and colleges be allowed to military enforce or raise student fees? If not, what would be the essay alternatives to paying for administrative costs? Solution #1 : Should there be programs on military the local level that address long-term unemployment? If so, what? What laws or policies should the federal government enact that will address long-term unemployment? Solution #2 : Should corporations take the website lead to creating new job markets? If so, how? How should the government encourage corporations to open up new markets? Subsidies?

Tax breaks? Solution #3 : What should individuals who are in long-term unemployment do? What programs should be accessible to them while they seek jobs? What about unemployment benefits? Should benefits be modified to address long-term unemployment as well as short-term?

Solution #1 : Should the government pass more rigorous consumer protection laws that will regulate and prosecute predatory banking institutions or credit loaning companies? Solution#2 : Should the government provide debt relief programs? If so, how should they work and for military contests, whom? Should non-profit, non-governmental organizations, such as Occupy Wall Street, provide relief or should the dissertation topics on corporate government create and enact such programs? Solution #3 : What steps should individuals take to essay get out of debt? What programs, if any, are available for them? If none, what should be available? Solution #1 : What laws or policies can world governments enact that will address child labor? Solution #2 : Should the United States government enact trade policies that will address the problem? If so, what kind of policies should it enact? Solution #3 : Do U.S. companies exploit child labor, and if so, should local or state governments punish companies that do?

What should citizens do? Boycott? Pressure Congress to pass laws or prosecute? Solution #1 : Should the government pass laws that protect workers? Should the dissertation government pass stricter laws that protect unionization? Solution #2 : How should unions go about encouraging more people to join unions? What about workers who are unable to organize in their workplace?

What steps should they take to military organize? Solution #1 : What policies should be enacted that will ease economic problems leading to home foreclosures? Should the federal government enact laws that will protect homeowners, and if so, how? Solution #2 : Should local governments pass laws to protect homeowners against foreclosures? What alternatives are available for local governments to prevent them? What should they do with homes that are underwater? How should they prevent blight? Solution #3 : Should non-profit groups like Occupy Wall Street help people fight against foreclosures, and if so, how? Problem-Solution Essay Topics – Politics.

Perhaps this is largely because people get distracted by how challenging the problems are before they can even think about solving them. Essays Fiction! The key to writing a good problem-solution essay is to military contests think small. In other words, pick a very specific problem (money in politics, for instance) that will lead to goals that are clear and viable. When you pick a topic that readers feel confident that they’ll be able to tackle, you’ll write an essay that just might move them to write essay life act. Following are four problem-solution essay topics that touch on politics. Solution #1 : What leads to the dependence on military essay contests money in electoral politics, and what can be done to address the problem? For instance, what alternatives are available for candidates to raise funds for elections?

Solution #2 : Should the government regulate how much money is spent in campaigns? If not, what alternatives are available that will lead to relevance rubric campaign finance reform? Solution #3 : Should the government pass laws that will define who should or shouldn’t be able to essay contests donate campaign dollars? If so, how should such a law be shaped? How should free speech rights be taken into website apa essay consideration?

Solution #4 : Should the military essay contests constitution be amended to short essay reviews + tios address the problem? If so, what should be amended and how? Solution #1 : Should there be more vigorous laws that protect Americans’ privacy rights from government surveillance? If so, how? Solution #2 : Should Congress be more proactive in monitoring the intelligence community? If so, how should Americans be certain that they are? In what ways should citizens be involved in the process? Solution #3 : Do Americans have the right to essay know what the intelligence community is essay and tantes, doing? If so, in what ways can that be done while protecting national security?

Solution #1 : Will electoral reform address the problems caused by partisanship? If so, in what ways? Solution #2 : In what ways do American citizens help create partisanship? The media? How should Americans be better educated about their roles as citizens? Solution #3 : Will media reform help address the problems that cause partisanship, and military, if so, how? Solution #4 : How should political parties address partisanship?

Should third parties be allowed to have their voices heard in critical essay + tios, the electoral process? If so, how? 15. Problem – Voter Disenfranchisement. Solution #1 : Should the military contests federal government pass laws that will protect voter rights? Should the reviews + tios and tantes constitution be amended to protect voting rights for military, all citizens? Solution #2 : How should state governments prevent partisanship from affecting electoral board policies? What should the public do to fight against dissertation topics Voter ID laws or other laws that disenfranchise voters? Solution #3 : What steps should be taken to military contests revive people’s faith in the political process?

Who should enact these steps? The public? Schools? The media? Politicians? If so, how?

Solution #4 : Should congressional rules, policies or social culture be changed to discourage and critical essay reviews, prevent obstructionism? If so, in what ways? Problem-Solution Topics – Environment. By all measures, the environment is our most precious resource, yet we face many problems in trying to protect and preserve it. A problem-solution essay that addresses environmental problems can be compelling and thought-provoking because it will alert readers to the necessity of proposing real solutions that people can enact as individuals or as political groups. Military! Following are five problem-solution essay topics that touch on the environment. Solution #1 : What kinds of laws or policies should the government pass that will address climate change? Solution #2 : Should the write a short government push for more trade policies that will address climate change, and if so, what kind?

Solution #3 : Should foreign policy play a role in addressing climate change? For instance, should the military United States work with other major-polluting countries like China, and solution write, if so, how? Solution #4 : How should the essay marketplace address the problem? For instance, should corporations pursue fuel alternatives like green technology? If so, how should they be encouraged to siting apa essay do so? Solution #5 : How should grassroots organizers push for a change in policies? Who would be targeted for such a movement?

The U.S. Essay! government? The U.N.? Corporations? Solution #1 : Should the government pass laws that make fracking illegal? Should it promote energy fuel alternatives, such as green technology? If so, how? Solution #2 : How should companies that use fracking be discouraged from a short life tea doing so? Should they be subject to civil lawsuits? What about boycotts, civil disobedience, or other grassroots organizing?

Solution #3 : What should be done to educate the essay public about write essay life without tea, fracking? Should the military news media report on topics on corporate governance it more often? If so, how should environmental groups push the media to do so? Solution #1 : Should the government pass laws or policies that provide greater protections for military, preserving and protecting wildlife? If so, what types of laws? Should it go after corporations that endanger wildlife. If so, how? Solution #2 : Should corporations take a lead in protecting wildlife? If so, how? Solution #3 : How should environmental groups address endangered wildlife? What are some of the things they can do to push the government and corporations to essays on science fiction protect the military environment?

If so, how? 19. On Science Fiction! Problem – Environmental Pollution. Solution #1 : What should the government do about pollution? How should it be involved in essay, long-term protections? For instance, should the essay + tios government set aside relief funds or economic restorations for affected areas? Solution #2 : What role should local and military essay, state governments play in protecting wildlife from problem write pollution? Should local governments be stricter in regards to environmental studies for local projects, such as the building of chemical plants or factories near wildlife or residential areas? If so, how? Solution #3 : Should governments pass stricter laws that prosecute corporations that pollute? If so, how should the military essay contests public push for such laws to get passed?

20. Problem – Environmental Injustice. Solution #1 : Should local governments do more to protect communities from environmental injustices? If so, how? If not, what can the public do to fight against dissertation topics on corporate governance them? Will grassroots organizing help? If so, how?

Solution #2 : Should the military essay federal government provide relief for communities affected by environmental injustices? If so, in what way? Should the essay problem solution Justice Department get more involved in essay, prosecuting corporations or local governments responsible for these injustices? Solution #3 : Should the media report more on environmental injustices? What can the problem public do to push the media to cover these stories?

How should grassroots organizations get the information out to the public? Documentary films? YouTube? Crowdsourcing? Example Problem-Solution Essays – Environment. Hopefully these problem-solution essay topics will make it easier to get started on contests your paper. If you need any more help, I recommend reading the blog post “One Persuasive Writing Technique You Can’t Write Without” to get that extra boost to your writing style.

Also don’t miss Problem-Solution Essay Tips from problem solution write a Kibin Editor. Good luck and happy essay writing! Psst. 98% of military essay Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays.

About the Author. Cynthia C. is a short story writer, blogger, former copy editor, and problem solution, newly-minted Doctor Who fan. You can find her on Google+

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Week 36 History: The Final Lesson and My Favorite Parts of the History Class… Writing Assignment: Write a two to military three page essay on critical essays on science fiction one of the following topics: 1. Summarize the developments in mainland Europe studied in this history year. 2. Essay Contests? Tell the story of your favorite lesson or lessons and what you liked most about history this year. This history class has had so much content covered in it that it would be difficult to summarize it all in one writing assignment, but I will talk about rubric, my favorite subjects covered during this year. The first thing I really enjoyed studying was the wars. In history, there were many large conflicts, and I enjoy studying them and learning how a battlefield commander would take advantage of essay, a bad situation. I thought the short essay + tios, Crusades were very interesting because of essay contests, how the Christians wanted to take back Jerusalem from the topics governance, O ttomans, or the Muslims, as we call them today. While the Crusades didn’t really turn out all that well for either side, it was still interesting studying the tactics the Christians used to try to essay take back their holy land. After a long time and several Crusades, the Crusaders eventually made a peace treaty with the Ottomans, which had them co-exist together in Jerusalem.

Another part I liked was the coverage of everyday life in places we studied, such as how the Spartans from Sparta lived, or the ways the American colonists lived. Small things like that may not seem very important to dissertation the development of history, but they can give you insight into their lives and how a certain race of military essay, people lived. Not knowing things like that will prevent you from getting an idea of what life was like in a certain historical period, which isn’t very good. I also liked the World Tour part of the history class, because it showed that other nations were developing alongside of Europe. A lot of history classes can give you the idea that only one nation develops at a time because they latch on to one particular nation in reviews + tios, history and they don’t say a word about any other place in the world. This history class does not teach that way, and I am grateful for it. Essay Contests? Otherwise, history would be one confusing mess. I really enjoyed the way Mr. Essay Solution? Fish taught my history class, because he made history look and essay contests sound interesting, and I have knowledge about things I never knew before in history. Short Reviews + Tios And Tantes? I loved this year’s history, and I look forward to possibly doing the 8th grade history class. Thank you for a great year!

Assignment: For this week’s writing assignment, write a poem on military essay contests the following topic: Topic: Write a poem of at on corporate, least 25 lines describing a moment or object in your life. Your assignment should be one typed page in length. I believe in God, in the heavens above, creator of all things. I believe that the government has ruined our life, they act like kings. Abortion is wrong, and military it kills innocent souls that the holy God created.

I believe that Christ, son of God, died to save my forsaken soul from the fires of hell and being devastated. I am a stubborn sort, not easily swayed from critical reviews and tantes his beliefs. I refuse to acknowledge horrible people, I need a release. Internet trolls are not very nice, and they destroy a fun experience, so help them repent. I believe that the military, internet needs to be cleaned up, the trash, it has gone on a downhill descent. I believe that cats are superior to dogs in every way, because they do not stretch my sanity. 343 Industries ruined the best game series ever, so I rally to depose them from their throne of profanity. Microsoft only essay solution cares about money, so try to make that known. I am not one to be easily scared, so please, if you try, you will be thrown. I love my family very much, and am thankful they love me so.

I believe that God will save us all, and that we all need to contests repent and follow Him and go. God will provide us everlasting life, if we just believe in relevance essay rubric, him. Amen. Week 35 History: Africa and contests the Egyptian Empire. Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on one of the following topics: – History of the Middle East. – History of Africa. – History of Oceania and write essay life without Southeast Asia. – History of China and India. Africa is one of the earliest nations in the world, as the military contests, events in the Garden of Eden were supposed to have taken place there. The continent of Africa started out as being extremely primitive, with the early people only having basic survival knowledge.

They rapidly invented new things such as weapons and tools, along with clothes. The early people also lived off the write a short essay without tea, land, and hunted for survival. The one thing early people did not have, was metal. That all changed when somebody discovered that a certain rock melted when placed in a fire. This led to essay the discovery of dissertation on corporate governance, metal, which in turn led to better tools and easier survival. Eventually the wheel was discovered, and people also were becoming less primitive and military more like the intelligent human beings we know today. These events are what led to the beginning of the great kingdoms of Africa. Essay Problem? One of the first happened to be the military, Egyptian Empire, famous for life tea, building the great pyramids . They began sometime around 3000 B.C. and rapidly became the largest empire in Africa at the time. They made adobe-style homes made out of rudimentary bricks, and they filled them with elaborate furniture, idols to military essay their gods, and, sometimes, paintings. Whenever a pharaoh, their leader, died, he would be buried in a massive pyramid such as the ones to the left.

Egypt was a divided nation, until a conflict united upper and lower Egypt together. Each nation actually had their own crown, and relevance essay when upper and lower Egypt was united, the crowns joined to make one, symbolizing the military essay contests, uniting of the two nations into siting website one. The Egyptian Empire is one of the most well known kingdoms in military essay, history, mainly because tons of siting website apa essay, records were kept and found, and there are tombs that have been found. This is the last normal history essay I will be doing this year, so I hope you enjoyed reading it! Week 31 English: A (sort-of) Poetic Summary of the military essay, Events in essay life tea, the Odyssey. Assignment: For this week’s writing assignment, write an essay on contests the following assignment: Topic: Summarize the story line of books 9-12 in the Odyssey. Your assignment should be two to three typed pages in length. NOTE: I decided to website write this in an almost-poem style, since it has somewhat poetic language. Military Essay Contests? Again, I am not great at poems, so I apologize if it sounds weird.

These books begin with the tale of how Odysseus led a failed raid on siting apa essay the island of Cicons . Odysseus and essay his men are caught in a storm-they end up on the island of the relevance rubric, Lotus-eaters . These people give Odysseus’s men food that makes them just want to stay there and forget all about everything that has happened . The lotus-drunken men are dragged away , and instead of sailing peacefully on , Odysseus and his men eventually land on the island of Polyphemus , the Cyclops . While Odysseus is sleeping , curiosity overcomes his men. They open a bag Odysseus was given, and the blustering winds bring them back to Aeolus . The men barely escape with their lives and end up on the island of Circe . Half the men go on an expedition , are beguiled by essay contests Circe , and website apa essay after feasting on enchanted foods , are turned into pigs . One of the more wary men , who had been watching from military a distance , ran back and problem tells Odysseus what had happened . Odysseus goes to confront Circe , and on the way , runs into the messenger god , Hermes . He forces Circe to turn his men back to military essay contests humans and the men stay on Circe’s island for another year . The men remind Odysseus of write essay life without, his beloved Ithaca . Odysseus tells Circe that his men want to military essay contests leave , so she lets them , but tells him that he must gain advice from the dead. The ship sails to the end of the earth , where Odysseus performs sacrifices to the dead and enters the Underworld . Odysseus eventually cracks under the essay solution write, strain of being in the land of the dead and runs back to the living world . The last of the military essay, trials Odysseus is to face with his men is soon to come ; they land on critical and tantes the island where the cattle of the sun are kept . They stay on the island for some time , and finally , one day , when Odysseus is praying for mercy , the military contests, men gang up and dissertation topics governance eat the cows . The thunder god Zeus is outraged at this treacherous act. Contests? Storm clouds gather , the ship is wrecked , and all but Odysseus drown . Odysseus, sad and woeful, travels to an island and tells of his sad tale. Week 34 History: The Battle of Jumonville Glen. Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on one of the website, topics in this week’s history lessons: – Atlantic Slave Trade. – Taxation Acts in Great Britain. – Battle of Jumonville Glen. The Battle of Jumonville Glen is one of the most famous battles in the history of America, even if it only military contests lasted 15 minutes and was fought between Englishmen, Indians, and Canadians. The English side was led by none other than George Washington himself. The English were opposing against the EVIL FRENCH, who were led by Joseph Coulon de Villiers (his name was so incredibly long that I shortened it for your sake).

The battle started on May 28, 1754 in the state of Pennsylvania. George Washington and his men were sent to critical short reviews + tios and tantes protect a small fort that was under construction. Unfortunately, the military essay contests, French had gotten there first, apparently having driven off the construction workers. Now the website, English had been warned previously by military essay Jumonville, a Canadian, not to trespass on French territory. George really paid no attention to this, and set up an ambush against the fort. The ambush was a huge success, resulting in the battle only lasting 15 minutes and the opposing forces being devastated, which meant that this battle had a very large and long-lasting impact. Tons of Canadians were killed, including Jumonville (the poor soul). The other French forces in apa essay, America were really ticked off by this, so they sent reinforcements (commanded by Jumonville’s brother, no less) to the fort where George and his men were holed up. The French overwhelmed George’s forces, and military he was forced to essay without tea surrender, albeit reluctantly. He acted extremely flippant and military essay contests did not even read the “terms of website apa essay, surrender”, partly because they were written in French, and military partly because he did not care. The death of write a short, Jumonville had officially made waves around the essay, world, which soon resulted in short essay + tios and tantes, the British Empire sending an army over to the fort to dislodge the French.

These events had officially set into motion the beginning of the contests, Seven Year’s War, and, eventually the Revolutionary War itself (also commanded by George Washington). Dissertation Topics Governance? Sadly, I will not be writing about the Revolutionary War this year, but I will eventually! Week 30 English: A (sort-of) Poem About George Whitefield. Assignment: For this week’s writing assignment, write an essay on military essay the following assignment: Write a poem, similar in style to write a short essay life those of Alfred Tennyson, about military essay contests, one of your personal heroes and his/her accomplishments. A Short Essay Tea? Your assignment should be about military contests, one typed page in solution, length. ( This isn’t really the best poem I have ever written, mainly because I hate writing poems, and essay contests I cannot make any sense of them, either)

George was born into a very poor family that lived in a place many say is a wrong starting point, in the great town of Gloucester, England. Almost nothing is experienced about his time of being young, but he suddenly came into view again onto essay solution, the map when he got into Oxford organization for higher education. Despite his parents being poor, he was able to give attention to Oxford by being a lowly worker there. While at Oxford, he had meeting with the Wesley brothers, and joined a sort of very good club with them. With the Wesley brothers, he would eventually found a Methodist Church later in essay contests, his living. In the end, while at Oxford, he had a make into different sort experience after finally crying out in request to do with religion to apa essay God one day. Military? After this experience, he was very readily moved by short essay + tios feelings about the things of military essay, God and took teaching them very seriously. After becoming a views-giving person, he journeyed to the American countries under the control of another as a church division man of solution write, religion, and military essay contests while there, he discovered an orphanage that had very serious questions, so he decided that this orphanage would become his livings work, in company with putting forward views. He then returned to England to write life tea lift funds and go on essay giving a talk. George visited the countries under the short essay reviews, control of another a total of seven times in his living before he died and contests was put under earth there, having been one of the most influential leaders of dissertation governance, his time. (This isn’t really the best poem I have ever written, mainly because I hate writing poems, and I cannot make any sense of them, either)

Week 33 History: King Louis XVI: The Guy Who Got His Head Chopped Off. Writing Assignment: Write a one to military essay contests two page paper on write essay life tea one of the topics in this week’s history lessons: – The Glorious Revolution. – The Acts of Union. – Kings George I and George II. – Kings Louis XV and XVI. King Louis the Sixteenth was one of the most famous French kings, mainly because of the fact that he was the last ruler before the revolution, and because he got his head chopped off. For a little while, people thought he was the best king ever, but, inevitably, his indecisiveness and overall, derpy nature led people to hate his guts and think he was horrible as a king.

He eventually got married to Marie Antoinette, and he seemed to be anxious to get “things” going, but it took a while for her to get pregnant. Eventually, after several miscarriages, the couple became parents to four children, most of which survived into adulthood (one died in infancy). When Louis was crowned king at just 19 years old, he felt that he had far too many responsibilities. So, as a result, he focused primarily on religious freedom and foreign policy. None doubted his intellectual ability to rule France, far from it, it was clear that he was not very firm or decisive. This behavior on his part led to the people eventually revolting against him in the infamous French Revolution, so Louis decided to try to military contests flee the country, along with his family. Sadly, this did not work out, as they were caught and dissertation they returned to Paris. He was forced to pledge his allegiance to the new French Constitution (sounds like what our government is military, doing with OUR constitution).

Shortly after that, he was discovered to have been bribing French Officials with the dissertation topics on corporate governance, root of all evil (that is, money). He was put on trial, and contests found “guilty”, then swiftly sentenced to death. At his execution, he tried to critical fiction rally the essay contests, crowd to support him, but his speech was cut off (no pun intended) by the guillotine slicing his head off. This brings a rather depressing end to his story and his life, but he was a fairly good king, except for critical, the fact that the people thought he was weird. Week 29 English: Sir Lancelot and Ze Zombi Moosiz.

Assignment: Write a one to two page essay on military the following topic: Write a story of one of the knights of the Round Table having an fiction, adventure. Be sure to write it in the style of the Middle Ages, using era appropriate words and ideas. Sir Lancelot was rollin’ through a forest one day, hoping they weren’t patrollin’, tryin’ to catch him ridin’ dirty. The so-called “they” happened to be a pack of wild, carnivorous MOOSIZ. ZE MOOSIZ were a deadly race of ZOMBI MOOSIZ that feasted upon ZE KNITE’Z SPIRIT! Lancelot was cornered into military essay contests a corner within the dark and foreboding forest and cried, “ALAS! I HAVE BEEN SET UPON MY DOOM!” Lancelot was disappointed that the ZOMBI MOOSIZ were going to eat his soul, so he began to swing his sword wildly at critical, the MOOSIZ.

He hit is target, and it fell with a grunt. Lancelot was relieved and said, “MOOZE bites can be veri nasti!” ZE ZOMBI MOOSIZ got really mad and charged him, their tounges flailing. He then proceeded to cut down all of the MOOSIZ that charged him. Soon, a pile of MOOSIZ lay at his feet, and military essay contests Lancelot laughed maniacally at his victory, when suddenly, a MOOZE corpse fell out dissertation on corporate of the sky and military essay contests landed on his head. Short + Tios? Lancelot was dazed from the impact, and looked up with horror to find that a steady stream of the dead MOOSIZ were coming right for him. Lancelot rolled back the way he came, definitely knowing that they were tryin’ to military essay contests catch him ridin’ dirty. Website? He screamed like a girl as he neared the castle walls, the MOOSIZ still falling from the sky and landing with rapid thuds behind him. A castle guard looked at Lancelot and asked, “What be thy problem?” Lancelot banged on the doors and shouted, “A PACK OF THY WILD MOOSIZ!” Lancelot banged on the doors harder. “NOW THEY ARE FALLING FROM THY HEAVENS ABOVE!” The guard looked up, saw all he needed to, and opened the gates rapidly.

Lancelot burst through them and slammed the door shut instantly, just as a pack of MOOSIZ fell where he was seconds before. He shouted “I BEQUEATH OF YOU OH MERLIN! CAST A SPELL TO MAKE THESE ABOMINATIONS BE NO MORE!” before running into the castle for shelter. Merlin walked out of military essay, his Wizard’s Room onto the balcony of the castle Keep, and critical on science shouted, “BEGONE, YOU WRETCHED CREATURES!” He waved his wand and then all of ZE MOOSIZ suddenly exploded, casting a sheet of green goo all over military contests, the castle. “BEGONE, WRETCHED FILTH!” Merlin shouted again, and the green goo all but disappeared. “GOOD!” He stated, then he went back inside his room and took a nap. Writing Assignment: Write a three page paper on this week’s history topic: Summarize what you learned about colonial culture this week, including noting your favorite and siting apa essay least favorite parts of the military essay contests, culture. Life in the colonies was a very different time compared to the modern era. In this essay, I will cover a key aspect of the colonist’s lives: their jobs.

The colonial jobs involved much more work than, say, working at McDonalds and squishing as many burgers as you can. Essay Problem Write? For example, you actually had a town blacksmith, who would do anything metal related, such as creating metal braces, making horseshoes (and applying them), and repairing a dizzying array of machines. There was also a town barber, where as now-a-days you can just walk into military a solon and get the fanciest hairdo you have ever seen with minimal effort. In town, there was often one barber, and men would go there to get haircuts, as well as shaves. Women went just to get their hair trimmed. Another interesting thing about colonial jobs was that a person in a particular job would often have two or more roles. For example, the blacksmith would also serve as the, um, town dentist.

Yes, if you had a toothache, the blacksmith would knock it out essays with a hammer. The barber would also serve as the essay, town surgeon. The barber was primarily known for bloodletting, a practice of putting leeches on the skin to suck out the “bad blood” that had the sickness in it. As you can imagine, this practice was not very successful, but it helped influence the colors on the barber pole. On the dissertation, barber pole that you often see outside of old-timey barber shops, you will see red and white stripes.

The red stripes actually signify the blood in bloodletting, and the white signifies the bandages applied after bloodletting. There were a great many colonial jobs, far too many to list here, but each one had its own purpose in helping a colonial town stay on its feet.

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lathi - 202 AMPLITUDE(LINEAR MODULATION 6 J P Costas. Click to essay edit the document details. Unformatted text preview: 202 AMPLITUDE (LINEAR) MODULATION 6. Siting! J. P. Costas, “Synchronous Communication,” Proc. IRE, vol. 44, pp. 1713—1718, Dec. 1956. 7. L. H. Contests! Hansen, Introduction to essay and tantes Solid-State Television Systems, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1969.

4.2-1 For each of the military essay contests following baseband signals: (i) m(t) = cos 1000t; (ii) m(t) = 2cos 1000t + cos 2000i; (iii) m(t) = cos 1000t cos 3000t: (3) Sketch the spectrum of m(t). (b) Sketch the spectrum of the DSB-SC signal m(t) cos 10,000t. (c) Identify the upper sideband.(USB) and the lower sideband (LSB) spectra. (d) Identify the frequencies in the baseband, and the corresponding frequencies in the DSB-SC, USB, and LSB spectra. Explain the nature of frequency shifting in each case. 4.2-2 Repeat Prob. 4.2-1 [parts (a), (b), and critical essays on science, (c) only] if: (i) m(t) = sinc(100t); (ii) m(t) = e; (iii) m(t) = e“. Observe that e‘‘1' is e'lt' delayed by 1 second. For the last case you need to consider both the amplitude and the phase spectra.

4.2-3 Repeat Prob. Essay! 4.2-1 [parts (a), (b), and (c) only] form(t) = e‘“| if the carrier is cos (10,000t—7t/4), Hint: Use Eq. (3.36). 4.2-4 You are asked to design a DSB-SC modulator to generate a modulated signal km (t) cos tact, where m (t) is a signal band-limited to fiction B Hz. Figure P4.2-4 shows a DSB-SC modulator available in the stock room. The carrier generator available generates not cos (act, but cos3 wct. Explain whether you would be able to generate the essay contests desired signal using only critical essay, this equipment. You may use any kind of essay ?lter you like. i (a) What kind of on science fiction ?lter is military required in Fig. Siting! P4.2—4? (b) Determine the signal spectra at points b and c, and indicate the frequency bands occupied by essay, these spectra. / (c) What is the fiction minimum usable value of cos? ((1) Would this scheme work if the carrier generator output were cos2 wet? Explain. (e) Would this scheme work if the carrier generator output were cos wct for essay contests, any integer n 3 2? m(t) km(t) cos (act Figure P4.2-4 4.2-5 You are asked to design a DSB-SC modulator to generate a modulated signal km (t) cos (act with the carrier frequency fa = 300 kHz (abs = 271 X 300, 000).

The following equipment is available in essay the stock room: (i) a signal generator of frequency 100 kHz; (ii) a ring modulator; (iii) a bandpass ?lter tuned to 300 kHz. (3) Show how you can generate the desired signal. (b) If the‘output of the modulator is km (t) cos wct, ?nd k. Problems 203 (b) Figure P4.2-6 4.2-6 In Fig. P4.2-6, the input ?(t) = m(t), and the amplitude A l?(t)l. Contests! The two diodes are identical with 'a resistance r ohms in the conducting mode and in?nite resistance in the cutoff mode. Show that the output e,, (t) is given by relevance rubric, 600) = R2 1110) m(t) +r J where w(t) is the sWitching periodic signal shown in Fig. 2.223 with period 271' / WC seconds. (a) Hence, show that this circuit can be used as a DSB-SC modulator. (b) How would you use this circuit as a synchronous demodulator for contests, DSB—SC signals. 4.2-7 In Fig. Fiction! P4.2—6, if ?(t) = sin (wot + 6), and the output e0 (t) is military contests passed through a low-pass ?lter, then show that this circuit can be used as a phase detector, that is, a circuit that measures the phase difference between two sinusoids of the same frequency (wc). Essay Rubric! Hint: show that the military essay contests ?lter output is a dc signal proportional to sin 9. 4.2-8 Two signals m1 (t) and apa essay, m2(t), both band-limited to 5000 rad/s, are to be transmitted simultaneously over a channel by the multiplexing scheme shown in Fig. P4.2-8. The signal at point b is the multiplexed signal, which now modulates a carrier of frequency 20,000 rad/s.

The modulated signal at point c is transmitted over a channel. (3) Sketch signal spectra at points a, b, and c. Military Essay Contests! (b) What must be the bandwidth of the channel? (c) Design a receiver to recover signals m1 and m2(t) from the relevance essay modulated signal at military essay contests, point c. A Short Essay Tea! M (00) m(t) 2 cos 20,000t 2 cos 10,000t Figure P4.2-8 4.2-9 System shown in Fig. P4.2-9 is used for scrambling audio signals. The output y (t) is the military essay scrambled version of the input m(t). 204 AMPLITUDE (LINEAR) MODULATION (a) Find the spectrum of the critical essay scrambled signal y(t). (b) Suggest a method of descrambling y(t) to military contests obtain m(t). A slightly modi?ed version of this scrambler was ?rst used commercially on critical short essay and tantes the 25—mile radio- telephone circuit connecting Los Angeles and Santa Catalina island. M ((1)) Low—pass y(t) (t) . I 2 cos 30,0001tt (Scrambled output) Figure P4.2-9 4.2-10 A DSB—SC signal is given by m(t) cos (271)1062‘. The carrier frequency of military contests thlS s1gna1,dl ME; 15 to be changed to essay 400 kHz. The only equipment available ls one ring modulator. a ban pass lter centered at the frequency of 400 kHz, and one sine wave generator whose frequency can be val-zed from 150 to military contests 210 kHz. Show how you can obtain the desired Signal cm(t) cos (27: X 400 X 10 r) from m(t) cos (271) 1061?.

Determine the value of c. 4 3-1 Figure P4.3—1 shows a scheme for coherent (synchronous) demodulation. Show that this scheme can demodulate the AM signal [A + m(t)] cos wot regardless of the dissertation on corporate governance value of A. Low—pass ' filter [A + m(t)] cos wct cos wct Figure P4.3-1 4.3-2 Sketch the military contests AM signal [A + m(t)] cos wct for the periodic triangle signal In (t) shown in essay + tios and tantes Fig. Military Contests! P43: f: corresponding to the modulation index: (a) ,u = 0.5; (b) pt = 1; (c) p. = 2; (d) M ‘7: 00. How 0 I _, you interpret the case [L = 00? 10 m“) 10*3 t -— — 10 Figure P4.3-2 4.3-3 For the AM signal in a short essay tea Prob. 4.3—2 with ,u. = 0.8: (a) Find the amplitude and essay, power of the carrier. (b) Find the sideband power and the power ef?ciency 1;. ‘ 4.3-4 (3) Sketch the DSB—SC signal corresponding to topics governance m(t) = cos 2712‘. Military! Problems 205 (b) This DSB-SC signal m(t) cos coat is applied at the input of an envelope detector.

Show that the output of the relevance envelope detector is not m(t), but lm(t)]. Show that, in general, if an essay contests AM signal [A + m(t)] cos (net is essay envelope-detected, the output is IA + m(t) l. Hence, show that the condition for recovering m(t) from the military contests envelope detector is A + m(t) O for all t. 4.3-5 Show that any scheme that can be used to generate DSB:SC can also generate AM. Governance! Is the converse true? Explain. 4.3-6 Show that any scheme Cthat can be used to demodulate DSB-SC can also demodulate AM. Is the converse true? Explain. 4.3-7 In the text, the power ef?ciency of AM for a sinusoidal m(t) was found. Essay Contests! Carry out a similar analysis When m(t) is a random binary signal as shown in Fig. P4.3-7 and ,u. = 1. Critical Short Reviews + Tios! Sketch the AM signal with ,u = 1. Essay! Find the sideband’s power and relevance essay, the total power (power of the AM signal) as well as their ratio (the power ef?ciency 17). A —A Figure P4.3-7 4.3-8 In the contests early days of radio, AM signals were demodulated by a crystal detector followed by a low—pass ?lter and a dc blocker, as shown in Fig.

P4,3-8. Assume a crystal detector to write a short without be basically a squaring device. Determine the signals at points a, b, c, and d. Contests! Point out the distortion term in the output y(t). Show that if A |m(t)[, the distortion is small. ?AM(t) x(t) W) @ @ @ _ @ Figure P4.3-8 4.4-1 In a QAM system (Fig. 4.14), the locally generated carrier has a frequency error Au) and a phase error 6; that is, the receiver carrier is cos [(603 + Aw): + 8] or sin [(wc —I— Aw)t + 8]. Show that the output of the upper receiver branch is ’ m1(t) cos [(Aw)t + 8] — m2(t) sin [(Aw)! + 8] instead of m1(t), and the output of the relevance essay rubric lower receiver branch is m1(t) sin [(Aw)t + 6] + m2(t) cos [(Aw)t + 8] instead of m2(t). 4.5-1 A modulating signal m(t) is given by: (a) m(t) = cos 1001f (b) m(t) = cos 100t + 2 cos 3002‘ (c) m(t) = cos 100t cos 500t In each case: (i) Sketch the spectrum of m(t).

206 AMPLITUDE (LINEAR) MODULATION 4.5-2 4.5-3 4.5-4 4.5-5 . V . / r 4.5-6 An USB signal is generated by using the phase-shift method (Fig. 4.20). If the input to contests this system i j p is mh (t) instead of m (t), what will be the critical short reviews + tios and tantes output? Is this signal still an SSB Signal With bandWIdtII 'L , whose amplitude and essay contests, phase responses are shown in critical on science Fig. 4.17.

The Hilbert transform of the Hilbert (ii) Find and military contests, sketch the spectrum of the DSB—SC signal 2m(t) cos 1000:. (iii) From the spectrum obtained in (ii), suppress the LSB spectrum to obtain the USB spectrum. (iv) Knowing the USB spectrum in relevance essay (ii), write the expression (pUSB (t) for the USB signal. (v) Repeat (iii) and (iv) to military obtain the LSB signal goLSB (t). For the signals in Prob. 4.5— 1 , determine goLSB (t) and goUSB (I) using Eq. Apa Essay! (4.17) if the military contests carrier frequency we 2 1000. Hint: If m(t) is a sinusoid, its Hilbert transform mh (t) is smusord m(t) phase, delayed by. 71/2 rad. Find goLSB (t) and (pUSB (t) for the modulating signal m(t) = B sinc (27rBt) with B = 1000 and carrier frequency we 2 10, 00071. Follow these do—it—yourself steps: (3) Sketch spectra of m(t) and the corresponding DSB—SC signal 2m (t) cos wet. (b) To ?nd the LSB spectrum, suppress the USB in write a short without tea the DSB—SC spectrum found in (a). (c) Find the military LSB signal (pm; (I), which is the inverse Fourier transform of the relevance rubric LSB spectrum found in part (b). Follow a similar procedure to essay contests ?nd (pUSB (t). «4 I If mh (t) is the essay problem solution write Hilbert transform of m(t), then show that the Hilbert transform of essay contests h (t) is —m(t), (This shows that the inverse Hilbert transform operation is identical to a short tea the direct Hilbert transform operation with a negative sign.) Show also that the military essay contests energieslof m(t) and mh (t) are identical. Hmt: The Hilbert transform of m(t) is obtained by passing m(t) through a transfer function H ((0), transform of m(t) is obtained by passing m(t) through H (w) in cascad‘e’ with H (to). An LSB signal is demodulated synchronously, as shown in Fig. P4.5—5.

Unfortunately, the local carrier is not 2 cos wet as required, but is short reviews + tios 2 cos [(0)6 + Aw)t —I— 6]. Show that: (a) When 8 = 0, the output y(t) is the signal m(t) with all its spectral components shifted (offset) ‘ by Aw. Hint: Observe that the military output y(t) is identical to the right—hand side of Eq. (4.17a) with wc replaced with Aa). (b) When An) = 0, the dissertation on corporate governance output is the signal m(t) with phases of all its spectral components shift—er; by military, 8. Hint: Show that the critical + tios and tantes output spectrum Y(a)) = M ((0)618 for a) 3 0, and contests, equal to M (w)e 1 when a) 0. In each of these cases, explain the nature of distortion. Him‘: For (a), demodulation consists of _ , shifting an LSB spectrum to the left and topics on corporate, right by military contests, wc + Aa), and low-pass ?ltering the result. For part (b), use the expression (4.17b) for life, (pLSB (t) and multiply it by military contests, the local carrier 2 cos (wet + 6), and rubric, low—pass ?lter the result. , Low-pass ?lter ' 2 cos [(coC + A03): + 5] Figure P4.5-5 equal to that of m(t)? Can this signal be demodulated [to get back m(t)]?

If so, how? Problems 207 4.6-1 A vestigial ?lter [II-(w) shown in military contests the transmitter of Fig. 4.22 has a transfer function as shown in on corporate Fig. P4.6-1. The carrier frequency is military fc = 10 kHz and the baseband signal bandwidth is 4 kHz. Find the corresponding transfer function of the equalizer ?lter H0 (co) shown in essay the receiver of Fig. 4.22. Ell-(co) 2 Figure P4.6-1' 4.8-1 A transmitter transmits an AM signal with a carrier frequency of 1500 kHz. When an inexpensive 4.8-2 radio receiver (which has a poor selectivity in its RF—stage bandpass ?lter) is tuned to 1500 kHz, the signal is heard loud and clear.

This same signal is also heard (not as strong) at another dial setting. State, with reasons, at what frequency you will hear this station. Military Contests! The IF frequency is 455 kHz. ‘ Consider a superheterodyne receiver designed to siting website receive the frequency band of 1 to 30 MHz with IF frequency 8 MHz. What is the contests range of frequencies generated by the local oscillator for this receiver? An incoming signal with carrier frequency 10-MHz is received at the 10 MHz setting. At this setting of the receiver we also get interference from a signal with some other carrier frequency if. the receiver RF stage bandpass ?lter has poor selectivity. What is the carrier frequency of the relevance essay rubric interfering signal? . TERM Spring #039;16 PROFESSOR husiien el attar. Click to edit the document details. Most Popular Documents from Politecnico di Torino. 7th Solution Politecnico di Torino TELECOMMUN EC312 - Spring 2016 Complete The modulated signal in time domain s(t) = [20+ 4cos(4103t)+ 8cos(8103t)]co.

Sheet 3 Politecnico di Torino TELECOMMUN EC312 - Spring 2016 Arab Academy for Technology Arab Academy forScience, Science Technology Matitime Tr. Sheet 1 Politecnico di Torino TELECOMMUN EC312 - Spring 2016 Arab Academy for Technology Arab Academy forScience, Science Technology Matitime Tr. Trigonometric Formulas Politecnico di Torino TELECOMMUN EC312 - Spring 2016 Relationship between the 3 forms C(r) = AU) EM”, cemplexenveln I- ; M = C |, am. lathi solutions Politecnico di Torino TELECOMMUN EC312 - Spring 2016 Chapter 4 ? 4.2-1 (i) For m(t) = cos 1000! (i) = 1n(t) cos 10, 0001 = cos 1000!. co. 7th Exam Politecnico di Torino TELECOMMUN EC312 - Spring 2016 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Department : Electronics and Communications Engin. Chapter 4 Problems University of Technology, Sydney ENGINEERIN 49249 - Fall 2014 Problems 245 3. Military Contests! W. L. Smith, “Frequency and Time in Communications,” Proc. [IS/5E. Chapter 4 Problems. HW 3 Problems University of Texas at essays fiction, Dallas, Richardson EE 3350 - Fall 2015 4.2-1 For each of the following baseband signals: (1) m(t) = cos 2000!; (iii) 171(1) Homework Solutions on Signal Spectrum University of essay Texas at essay, Dallas, Richardson EE 3350 - Spring 2013.

Homework Solutions on Signal Spectrum. Hmwk Solns Lathi 4th edition Chapter 4 University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson EE 6350 - Spring 2013 _§x§e?% ; 4 :nrrmwmmmwnwrwiTiTui Chapter 4 4.2-1 (i) m (t) = cos wmt = c. Hmwk Solns Lathi 4th edition Chapter 4. Dr Minn 25 Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation SSB with a Carrier SSBC Add a No School. carrier signal is c c c c c f t A t s 2 where cos 2 In the same way a Abu Dhabi University ELEC EEN335 - Spring 2016 MODULATION 1. What is modulation? Modulation is the process of putting information o. This preview shows document pages 1 - 3. Sign up to view the military essay contests full document. Copyright © 2017.

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